Our fields

They say you are what you eat. We say you deserve food that is good for you. We made it our mission to search fields, on land and beneath seas, for food with better nutritional value and excellent taste. Good food needs no introduction and we feel we need to honor that.

From honest fields and hard working farmers we bring you taste and joy, without artificial flavours, colours or antioxidants. Nature does not need MSG or sugar to shine, and nor do we. Our main ingredients are sourced only from European Union sources. We do not use palm oil or GMO ingredients like most do, nor do we plan to.

We are honest in our commitment to search for natural and mouth-watering ingredients, to blend interesting tastes, so you can have the best tastes that nature can bring you. Close your eyes, taste our organic puffs and gently roam thru our proud and honest fields.

Our fields
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