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This Cookies Policy (the “Policy”) applies to you as the visitor of http://www.honestfields.com  (the “Website”), and it offers an overview over the manner in which we may place and manage cookie files in connection with your use of our Website. The Website is owned and managed by Honest Fields Europe S.R.L., a company incorporated in Romania, registered a the Ialomita Trade Registry with no. J21/643/2018, sole identification no. RO40151703, with its headquarters in Romania, Agricultorilor 6, Balaciu.

1. What are cookies? 

When you access the Website, the latter asks your browser to store a small piece of data (text file formed of letters and digits) called a cookie on your device to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information.

Those cookies are set by us and called first-party cookies. We also use third-party cookies, which are cookies from a domain different than the domain of the Website, for our statistical interests to see the visits our visitors make on the Website.

2. What role do cookies play?

Cookies are used for purposes such as providing a better browsing experience on the Website on which they are placed, by identifying any errors that occur while visiting it. Once those errors are fixed, there will be an improvement in the efficiency and accessibility of Website for you as a visitor.

Also, cookies allow the provision of services tailored to visitors’ needs, through actions such as creating anonymous statistics on how the Website is used or anticipating services that should be provided in the future.

As for the cookies (and similar technologies) used by Honest Fields Europe, they have the role of giving the Website a more personal character and to offer users or an easier browsing experience.

Through these cookies, we and our external collaborators may collect information about you and we may track your browsing behavior on our Website and possibly outside of it.

3. How can you change your cookies selection?

The first time you access the Website, you will be informed on the existence and placement of cookies. If you click "I Agree" for the placement of both category of cookies, you allow Honest Fields to place the cookies in that category (mentioned at point. 4 below) on your device.

If you do not want to allow the use of cookies other than those strictly necessary, then click on hyperlink indicated for the refusal of statistical cookies and, only necessary cookies will be placed on your device, the use of which is essential for the operation of the Website. Please note that you may refuse the use of statistical cookies which our provider places by accessing the following link: https://statcounter.com/about/set-refusal-cookie/

Here you can find information related to the deletion of cookies in general: https://www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-delete-cookies/

Also, to disable cookies through your browser, follow the instructions usually located within the “Help,” “Tools” or “Edit” menus in your browser.

4. Categories of cookies used

We use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

We use necessary cookies exclusively for the Website to function. These cookies cannot be switched off in your system or rejected when accessing the Website.

The Website cannot function properly without these cookies. We do not need your consent to use these cookies.

Statistical Cookies

Statistical or preference cookies enable the Website to remember information collect information about how you use a website, like which pages you visited and which links you clicked on.







This holds data on your visits to the website. We solely use it to determine whether you are a first-time or returning visitor on each website and to estimate your accumulated unique visits per site. No personal information is stored in the cookie.

5 years



This cookie is set by the website that you visit. When it is first set, a random id is generated and stored in the cookie in order to avoid counting you as a visitor more than once (e.g. if you are on a mobile device and your IP address changes while you browse). Similarly to the is_unique cookie, this cookie also stores a count of your returning visits.

2 years



This holds data on your visits to the website.

2 years

As mentioned above, at any time, you may refuse the use of statistical cookies which our provider places by accessing the following link: https://statcounter.com/about/set-refusal-cookie/

5. Updates and Changes

We may update the Policy from time to time, therefore you are advised to review it periodically for any changes.
Changes to this Cookies Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

6. For any question or request, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: office@honestfields.com

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